Converting Your Sitting Workstation to a Standing Desk


Is Your Back Killing You?

I know your back is killing you and your chair is just not cutting it.   So just stand up and avoid the sitting disease, right?  It’s easier said than done.  There is a right and a wrong way to organize an ergonomic sit to stand workstation.  Let’s explore the options.

1.  Retrofit your current desk with sit to stand keyboard tray and monitor mount.


2.  Replace your current desk with a standing desk and purchase a height adjustable stool with a foot rest.

3.  Research the purchase of a new electric sit to stand desk.  This option allows you to choose sitting or standing with the touch of a button.


Retrofitting with a Sit to Stand Keyboard Tray 

If you have a new desk and you find it is a pain in the neck and are now stuck with the desk you have, you will probably have to make it work.  So the first option of retrofitting your current desk with a sit to stand keyboard tray makes the most sense.

Here are a few retrofit options to get you started on your search:

If you have a keyboard system one with a keyboard tray and articulating arm you can add a stand-up system to it.  This option gives you an additional 12” in height adjustment.  This means if you are less than 5’ 8” it will work with a standard keyboard system.  If you are taller you will need to add an articulating keyboard arm that has a higher reach like the AA 780. The AA 780 and others like it adjust above the work station  8.25” plus your 12” from the stand up kit and are now able to adjust your keyboard  about 20” above your desk height .  This combination will accommodate even the tallest person. 



Adjusting Your Monitor to Fit Your New Workstation

When you adjust the keyboard to a stand up position, this means also moving your monitor to a stand up height to accommodate the new positioning.  It is important to move your monitors up too so you are not looking down when you are standing.   A height adjustable monitor arm or monitor riser can assist you in raising your monitor to a more appropriate height.  A variety of LCD monitor arms and monitor risers are available that allow for 21” of height adjustment or more for monitors.

Keep in mind when you select your height adjustable options that you ensure they are easy to adjust up and down – the harder it is to adjust the less often you will do it and of course the less benefit you will receive from your new workstation.



Standing Room Only

Here is another option for standing at your desk – make the whole desk or work surface standing only! You will want to measure carefully to find the right comfortable standing height.  Finding the right stool/chair to add with the appropriate height adjustment is also essential.  This option puts your height adjustment in the chair.



Sit to Stand with an Electric Adjustment

There is a variety of electrical sit to stand desk styles you can select from rectangle surfaces, corner units, or wrap around work surfaces.  You can order a desk with any type of laminate surface or have a custom made top. 



Electrical Sit to Stand Desks - Quick Option

If you have a workstation that has adjustable surfaces you can add an electric height adjustable base and attach it to the surface.  It’s simple to buy a base only and use your current work surface.

No matter what option you choose, the benefits to standing at your desk are worth the investment as you will be more productive and fell better too!

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